Drink drink and drink more


Hi all, so this week we are going to talk about the importance of water.  I know we all hear all the time to drink eight 8oz of glasses of water a day.  Many times people just follow the direction of the doctor and don't know why but they do it anyway.  Why is water important to the body?  Water is the source of health in the body.  It not only increases blood volume (which helps all the organs get the supply of nutrients) but it helps a person maintain a healthy blood pressure, helps manage temperature control, keeps the kidneys and bladder moving fluids to decrease the risk of a urinary tract infection and so much more.  If you are like me I am not a fan of just plain water so I infuse my water with fruit.  I like to use oranges, strawberries, watermelon or what ever fruit is in season to help keep the cost down.  If I have fruit that is about to go bad I will puree it up and freeze it in ice cube trays then add it to my water bottle.  Below you will find a link to some great water bottles. 



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